Prelude Sheet Vinyl

Find Prelude Sheet Vinyl in Columbia, SC, and Florence, SC

Color Line

02022 Lido Snowdrift
02023 Lido Sand Dune
02024 Lido Storm Cloud
02040 Seasons Multi Stone White
02041 Seasons Bleached Clay Beige
02042 Seasons Multi Warm Stone
02043 Seasons Bluestone Taupestone
02044 Seasons Multi Greenstone
02045 Seasons White
02055 Natural Oak Light Red Oak
02056 Natural Oak Deep Oak
02060 Escape Light Colorado Clay
02061 Escape Yellabisque
02062 Escape White Clay
02063 Escape Light Greiged Bisque
02070 Surroundings Multi Bleached Clay
02071 Surroundings Bleached Clay-Blush-Blue
02072 Surroundings Stone White Taupe
02073 Surroundings Stone Beige Greige
02080 Chateau Multi Stone White
02081 Chateau Multi Stone Bisque
02082 Chateau Multi Stone Sage Rose
02083 Chateau Multi Stone Spring Blue-Bisque
02084 Chateau Multi Stone Deep Bisque Greige
02110 Monaco Stone White
02111 Monaco Golden Bisque
02112 Monaco Multi Light Greige
02113 Monaco Sagestone
02115 Naples Bone
02116 Naples Seashell
02117 Naples Rustic Beige
02118 Naples Brownstone
Color Group Dark Neutral
Color Group Light Neutral
Color Group Red, Yellow, Orange
Color Group White, Off White
Design Style Contemporary
Design Style Country
Design Style Eclectic
Features ArmorGuard Construction Resists Gouges, Rips, Tears and Indentation
Features BAC STOP Protection Guards Against Product Discoloration from Mold, Mildew and Alkali
Features Easy Care
Installation Method YOUR CHOICE Installation
Look Tile
Look Woodgrain
Rooms Bathrooms
Rooms Entry Ways
Rooms Kitchens
Rooms Living Areas
Rooms Other
Type Sheet
Usage Residential
Vinyl Category Residential Sheet
Warranties One-Star Limited Warranty
Wear Surface Urethane
Width(ft) 12
Width(ft) 6